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5 Problems you might face in the first of your Relationship - How to Achieve Relationship Goals

5 Problems you might face in the first 5 year of your relationship
How to Achieve Relationship Goals

Relationships are not easy, whether it’s family, friends or your life partner. While most relationships can be navigated without too much trouble (most times at least), problems in romantic relationships are most often the hardest to solve. A new relationship is, unsurprisingly, one of the most exciting, giddily happy making stages in life, but once the honeymoon period is over and reality kicks in, things can start looking not-sorosy anymore. But like with everything, there are solutions to these problems too, so don’t get disheartened and give up before giving it a real try.

5 Problems you might face in the first of your Relationship

1. WHAT YOU WANT FROM THE RELATIONSHIP One of the most painful conflicts you can possibly have in the early stages of a relationship is getting on the same page when it comes to defining your relationship or what you want from it. You could want something casual while your partner is looking for something more permanent or vice versa. And this is possibly one of the most essential topics of discussion you should have, and the earlier you guys clear it up, the better. Keep in mind that it’s completely okay for you to have your own set of wants from your relationship, and similarly for your partner as well. This is not one of those things that you can convince the other out of though, so if you two can’t agree or come to a compromise of where your relationship should go, sadly, there’s no point in continuing it.

2. GETTING USED TO BEING SO CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH ANOTHER PERSON Whether mentally, physically or emotionally, it’ll take both of you some time to get used to each other’s quirks, likes and dislikes, and that’s actually one of the most fun parts. When all of this happens, be patient with each other and be open and honest. If there’s something you’re not okay with, talk about it and hopefully, you two will be able to find a way around it.

3. MAKING COMMUNICATION A PRIORITY We all tend to underestimate how much importance communication has in our relationships, and that’s where things tend to get messed up. But if you make precise and clear communication a priority from the initial stages of your relationship itself, you probably won’t have an issue later on. Make it a point to address issues you may have, and as mentioned above, clear up your status on the relationship first and foremost to avoid unpleasant surprises later. This open communication comes in handy most when it comes to conflict, and it will teach the two of you to address problems better and come up with solutions together.

4. SOLVING SITUATIONS THROUGH COMPROMISE As two previously single people, compromising on situations, ideologies and ways of living is not going to come easily to you. And while your whole relationship need not be compromise-based, coming to a middle ground together will more often than not solve your problems. Don’t feel pressured though, and understand situations where it will work to stand your ground and where you need to give in. It might seem like a lot of effort but a solution that makes both of you happy is far better than when it favours just one of you, right?

5. BRINGING FAMILY AND FRIENDS INTO THE EQUATION Another complicated aspect of a new relationship is meeting close friends and loved ones, which can be a pretty stressful event. While it is understandable to instantly want your new love to meet the other loves of your life, make sure he or she is completely comfortable with the whole thing first, and the same goes for you. An overwhelming meet-up like this can very easily go wrong, so make sure both of you are ready before these big introductions. —

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