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5 Dating Tips for Shy Guys - Dating Tips for Men


5 Dating tips for shy guys

Dating Tips for Men

Dating may become an ordeal if you’re new to the process and on top of that, shy. Your head can get clouded with questions like what you should wear, what you should talk about, what you shouldn’t talk about, etc. Well, whatever you do, you have to stop panicking. The most important thing is to be yourself and be relaxed. Easier said than done? Not really. Here are some essential dating tips for the shy guy. Following are some dating tips for guys.
5 Dating tips for shy guys

Dating Tip 1. LOCATION First dating tips for men is Choosing the right location to meet your date is the most fundamental task at hand. Choose a place that is neutral and not too far from your home. It should be in an area you are familiar with. You’ll want to avoid a place that is too crowded or noisy, like a loud night club. A quiet restrobar with a pleasing ambiance will be a good idea because at least you’ll be able to hear what she says and vice-versa. Choosing a place where you know you’ll be comfortable makes a difference.

Dating Tip 2. LISTEN TO HER In order to strike up a meaningful conversation, you must listen carefully to what she says. You have to get to know each other. Shy people are normally good listeners but some of them can be so caught in their anxiety or the self-consciousness that they can be distracted from hearing the other person. Not only can this backfire but also make it seem like you aren’t really interested. So, you have to make a serious effort to actually listen to what she is saying.

Dating Tip 3.  SPEAK UP Now when we say that you have to be a good listener, nowhere do we imply that you should remain mum and let her do all the talking. Shy people may need to make a bit more effort to contribute their fair share to the conversation. The idea is to build a two-way conversation. So, ask questions and listen to her responses. Also, some women have a tendency of continuing to speak for long stretches of time. So, you have to deal with that as well by making provisions for polite interferences in between her speeches, if any! Preparing a mental list of a topic of conversations is advisable. And remember to steer clear of any sexist or racist topics.

Dating Tip 4.  BE POSITIVE AND SELF-ASSURED At least for the time you’re with her, try to leave your shyness outside. If you’re feeling the awkward, smile. If the situation calls for it, don’t hesitate to tell your date that you’re nervous, she may actually appreciate your honesty. Be optimistic and as self-confident as you can be. And tell yourself that there is no need to rush through things. Give yourself and the other person sufficient time to get comfortable and get to know each other. Let the confidence seep in slowly but surely. This requires a good deal of effort on your part.

Dating Tip 5.  DON’T FORGET ETIQUETTE Show some basic etiquette. Open the door for her. Let her walk through first. Pull out the chair. Let her browse the menu and decide what she wants to eat. Be polite. Offer to drop her home and if she wants to go on her own, don’t insist on accompanying her. Just make sure not to make it seem over the top or exaggerated. You need not be a British gentleman from the 17th century. But treating her like a lady will make her feel special. Don’t forget to compliment her on her appearance. This will gradually bestow more and more confidence to you. Remember, she could probably be as nervous as you.


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