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Read these 10 hacks Related to the Men’s Grooming - Men Grooming Guide to Quite a Close Shave


Men’s grooming Guide

Quite a close shave

Read these 10 hacks to get an easier and smoother shave by using these Men’s Grooming guide

Men Grooming Tip 1: Hair conditioner makes for a great shaving cream, especially for sensitive skin and areas. Not only does it protect your skin but also softens the hair. Give it a try.

Men Grooming Tip 2. Wetness is your razor’s worst enemy and it directly affects its sharpness. So when you rinse your razor, make sure you dry it completely before the next use. You also get anti-corrosive agents in the market which can add weeks to your blade’s life.

Men Grooming Tip 3. Leave the cream on your face for five minutes. This is a good hack to avoid any razor burn. The shaving cream will not only ready the hair and pores but will also prevent red spots from coming back. FYI, this trick works with cream, not foam.

Men Grooming Tip 4. Use a styptic pencil (designed for shaving nicks) or a block of alum for nicks and cuts, as it works the best. Or use a pinch of lip balm on the cut.

Men’s grooming Guide

Men Grooming Tip 5. If you are out of shaving cream and conditioner, you can substitute it with baby oil. After showering with lukewarm water, apply the oil.

Men Grooming Tip 6. Use short, precise strokes because it helps you limit irritation and gives a better control of the gliding movement. It also helps in checking the downward pressure on your razor while shaving.

Men Grooming Tip 7. Post-shave, never use warm water to wash your face. Use cold water to close your pores and immediately tighten your facial skin.

Men Grooming Tip 8. Never skip the moisturising step. Aftershaves are okay but it’s a lotion that works best as it gives you a smooth finish. Dab it on your fingers and work it gently with your fingertips.

Men Grooming Tip 9. Use witch hazel as a toner post-shave. It comforts your skin and prevents skin chapping.

Men Grooming Tip 10. Exfoliate, once a week – always before you shave. Dab some on your fingers and gently work it on your face for 2 minute

Source of Info: Times of India

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