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Top 10 Phobias | Most common type of phobia


Top 10 Phobias

Phobias existed as early as the 5th Century. Human beings are susceptible to phobia. It is an irrational fear often caused due to a subconscious reaction or approach. People who suffer from any kind of phobia are emotionally not strong as compared to the rest.
Phobias make life miserable as they interfere in every step or moment. This does not mean that it can’t be cured. One must make a way through every kind of fear. This kind of fear comes from your conscience. It can also be termed as a false perception of one’s mind.

Top 10 Phobias

The most common type of phobia:

Aracnophobia: People belonging to South Africa will not be as scared of the most dangerous spiders as they include spiders in their traditional food. However, this might not be true in the case of person from the West or Asia. People tend to be scared or develop a phobia against spiders as they can fly and make their way through the dampest of places.

Social Phobia: The next phobia would be Social phobia. This might occur if you are shy to meet people. Such situations occur due to pre-monitoring sessions when the parents do not encourage the kids to meet new people. This kind of phobia would make you feel guilty every moment.

Aerophobia: The next in the list would be Aerophobia as most people are scared of flying in a plane. This phobia gets additional weight age as it is welcomed with claustrophobia.

Agoraphobia: The other type of phobia is called Agoraphobia. This occurs when you cannot avoid any kind of situation and feel unsafe outside home. Such people are more prone to panic attacks in their own surroundings. They only consider the home to be a safe place.

Claustrophobia: The most common of all is Claustrophobia. In this case travelling in a crowded place would always be a pain. You will avoid stairs, trains, elevators, tiny rooms, huge buildings, empty spaces. This phobia however can be easily overcome through travelling.

Acrophobia: The next in line is Acrophobia or fear of heights. Majority of people suffer from this kind of phobia. Sufferers often avoid great heights, followed by skyscrapers, terraces of apartments, planes or even staircases. This also leads to Vertigo which basically makes the person dizzy and scared.

Emetophobia: The next common phobia is called Emetophobia which avoids you from vomiting. You would go to any extent to avoid vomiting at any occasion.

Carcinophobia: The eight popular phobias are called Carcinophobia. This fear is related to cancer and often suffered are scared to get diagnosed with it. He or she would never encounter any cancer patient.

Brontophobia: The other phobia would be Brontophobia which basically means scared of thunderstorms. You would try to avoid stepping out of your house during lighting or thundering. You might find it difficult to breathe once you are out of your house at such an occasion.

Necrophobia: The last in the list would be Necrophobia which means fear of death. You would not want to be trapped inside a coffin or come across coffins or corpses.

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