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14 Interesting Facts about Cats - Amazing Cool Facts About Cats

14 Interesting Facts about Cats

Amazing Cool Facts About Cats

Interesting Facts about Cats. There are many cat lovers who simply adore their pet and make every possible move to keep her happy. There are certain interesting facts associated with every creature on the earth. You need to be well aware about all this before adopting any pet.

Interesting Facts about Cats
Before adopting any pet you should have knowledge regrading their habits, habitat, interest & particular caring tips to make them comfortable and adjustable with your home environment. As your home is not their natural habitat so you must be aware about their Parenting/Nurturing tips.

In this random facts article we are going to share some Amazing facts about cats. We had made a complete list below related to the cool facts about cats.

· Interesting Cat Fact #1: People who are cat lovers are known as Ailurophiles. They would constantly update their knowledge on cats.

· Interesting Cat Fact #2:   Did you know that a group of kittens are known as Kindles whereas a group of adults would be referred as Clowders?

· Cat Fact #3:       The average cat would be 12 pounds. Although there have been instances where a heaviest cat was figured to be approximately 47 pounds.

· Cat Fact #4:       The heartbeat of a cat would be 140 times every minute. This is two times faster than a human beings’ heartbeat.

· Cat Fact #5:       A cat has five toes on front, however only four on their back foot.

· Cat Fact #6:       Most of the cats do not have eyelashes. People also believe that cats are colour-blind but it has been proved to be incorrect.

· Cat Fact #7:       Cats are very fond of grooming themselves. You would often find them licking themselves. They also spend approximately 16 hours sleeping every day.

· Cat Fact #8:       The longest surviving cat was seen in England. Her age when compared with human beings resulted in 36 years of age. You will rarely find two cats meowing at each other unlike dogs. Most kittens have blue eyes and those change once they start maturing.

· Cat Fact #9:       Cats can also be trained to use the toilet to litter. Most cats do not prefer mouse flavoured dishes.

· Cat Fact #10:       Most researchers have tried to find an answer to that considering the cat runs behind the mouse every time it notices one. Cats can at the same time be told and taught to use the flush every time they litter.

· Cat Fact #11:       Cats generally consider themselves to be too huge and brave. They do look upon other animals with anger and jealously.

· Cat Fact #12:       The happiest moments for a cat can be observed by its constant pawing.

·  Cat Fact #13:      They would also like food to be kept at room temperature. They do not like chilled food.

·   Cat Fact #14:     Cats can never be immune to cancer.
There are other ways to keep your cat happy and purring. However, do remember that there is a huge difference between a cat and dog. Cats do not like to be chained nor do they like to be scolded or hit. They might even attack their master if they are not loved and kept happy. These are some interesting facts about Cats which everyone of us should know before making it a pet.
Keep These facts in your mind and you will be more beloved to your cat. We will share more random facts related to various Pet Animal in the Upcoming articles. So do subscribe our website for various trending news and random facts.

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