Saturday, December 1, 2018

The super power in a NAP - 10-20 Min. Nap can Refresh your Brain and Body

Napping at work is often looked down upon, but the tides are beginning to turn. Research shows that power naps do work

What do you do when you can’t keep your eyes open during an afternoon meeting, or you just want to put your head on your desk? If you’re like nearly two-thirds of the adults in the US, you reach for a cup of coffee. Studies have shown that taking a NAP is very much useful in making our memory and motor functions more enhanced. If you don’t like caffeinated drinks, you will start to fade after lunch. The one thing you can do to counteract the fatigue is by taking a 15-minute power nap. When you wake up, your brain will be fresh and ready to spring into action.

The power of sleep Scientists have made several theories to prove that sleep is vital for human bodies like AIR. Theories have proved that our brain function and learning capacity improved during our sleeping hours. Like brain our body also repairs itself during sleeping hours. If someone having difficulty in sleep than it can limit their brain functioning. Our immune system (which help in fighting diseases) also restock T-Cell during sleep that means the people who are lacking of sleep are more prone to diseases. The Sleep Foundation in America recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults. So having a NAP in the afternoon can activate your evenings very well.

How to nap As Daniel Pink explains in his book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, a short nap is a refresher for your brain. As we proceed towards the evenings our brain get tired. A short nap smoothens the glitches, so you can function for the rest of the day. Try to take a 10 to 15- minute nap at work. Any longer, and you will feel sluggish and have a challenging time getting up. When your time is up, you will find that you can get right back to work with renewed focus. One power nap is usually enough to get you through the rest of the afternoon. If you are tired enough that you need two naps, you are probably getting sick and shouldn’t be working.

Taking a NAP is someone personal choice, anyone can take the NAP according to their feasibility. The Mayo Clinic recommends a NAP from minimum 10 Min. to 30 Min. is good to refresh your Brain and body. Just have a cup of coffee and then have a NAP of 15 Min. as coffee takes minimum of 15 Min. to refresh your body and brain.

Where to nap The more difficult issue for most people is where to nap at work. If you work from home or your own office, it’s easy. If you work in a more open space that you share with co-workers, finding a place to nap can be much harder. You run the risk of your boss finding you curled up under your desk or snoozing in your car, and he will think you’re slacking. Some organizations have recognized the power of a NAP which can help in enhancing the functioning of their employees. Some organization also have the special NAP room for their employee to refresh their Mind and body.  If you can sleep through your co-worker’s laughter, you can even deploy little tents at work and catch some sleep.

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