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Nehal Chudasama to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant

Nehal Chudasama to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant
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Nehal Chudasama (Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Universe 2018) is all set to leave for Thailand, where she will represent India at the Miss Universe pageant. She says, “It is a huge responsibility to represent my country at the pageant. My heart is filled with gratitude for all the love and support that I have been receiving, not just from India, but from across the world.” Nehal is aware that expectations are riding high. However, the young fitness trainer says that she is not letting the tension get to her. She says, “I am both excited and nervous, but I don’t want to feel pressurised, because I will falter then. I am trying to stay calm and positive, and will be myself during the pageant. I plan to enjoy my time there to the fullest.”

Nehal Chudasama to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant

Ask about her preparation for the international pageant and she replies, “For the last three months, I have been spending 12 hours a day on training — from etiquette and walk to interviews and Q & A. It was all the more difficult for me because besides training for the pageant, I was also working on becoming a certified fitness trainer. So, at times, my day stretched up to 16 hours." Fitness is not just a passion for Nehal, it’s also a cause close to her heart.

She explains, “Being a fitness enthusiast and promoting fitness as part of my Miss Universe campaign, I would like to stress upon the importance of a healthy and holistic lifestyle. I want to support the government with the ‘Hum Fit Toh India Fit’ campaign. Also, having lost my mother to ovarian cancer, the cause of cancer awareness is very dear to me. I have been working on this and will take this campaign to a bigger platform in the future.”

Nehal Chudasama
About bonding with fellow contestants, she says, “I don’t have to try hard to strike a conversation, because it comes naturally to me. So, during the pageant, I will be myself and try to make as many friends and as many beautiful memories as I can.” On a parting note, we ask her what’s the best advice she has received. “A few years ago, my mother asked me to be independent, believe in myself and not rely on anyone else. And, my father taught me to be fearless. So, I really want to convey this message to everyone — be fearlessly independent,” she signs off.

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