Saturday, December 1, 2018

DJ SNAKE Said " My fans in India are extremely loyal" - Talking About His upcoming Tour to India

‘My fans in India are extremely loyal’ BY DJ SNAKE

In an exclusive chat with BT, DJ Snake talks about his upcoming visit and what inspires his music

Grammy-nominated music producer, DJ Snake loves India. So much so that he is all set to visit again this month for a performance. “India is a special place to me. I filmed my video for Magenta Riddim here. It has a special place in my heart. The fans, culture, music — I love everything about the country. My fans in India are extremely loyal,” he says.

Snake has often expressed his wish to work on Bollywood projects. When asked if there is something in the pipeline, he says, “I keep getting offers, but I never get the time to take on one. I definitely want to do that.”

The artiste has been featured on international charts several times. Ask him about it and he says, “It’s always nice to get such recognition. But I make records of all sizes. I make music I want to. I never do it to get chart positions. Awards don’t really matter to me. Playing my music to fans and people enjoying it is what matters the most; that makes me happy as an artiste. If you start worrying about awards, you will lose your creativity.”

When asked about what keep his creative juices flowing, he quips, “Music. It’s all I have ever wanted to do. And to always grow and learn and be better. You can never stop learning or being inspired.” And what influences his music? “I grew up surrounded by all types of cultures — French, Indian, Arabic — a melting pot of cultures, sounds, foods, people and religions. It opened my eyes early, and I’m grateful for that. It’s not about success in one area; it’s about exploring the world musically and spending time in those places whenever you can. Getting into the streets, seeing and meeting people, hearing their music, tasting their food, the fabrics they use in clothes, their skyline, their beliefs fascinates me,”

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