Friday, November 30, 2018

Find your Date via DNA Match - Trending News in the World

Soon, find your date via DNA match

Gene Tests Can Help Predict Attraction Between Two Individuals

This one is the Trending News in the world right now. If you’re sick of swiping through dating apps in the hopes of finding love, you’ll be happy to hear that this could be a thing of the past in the near future. We keep using dating apps because they’re always an option
when you’re single and need attention —though definitely not better than meeting people in real life.

However, researchers from Imperial College London and e Harmony suggest that by 2025, singletons will be paired in labs, based on their DNA. In a new report based on an analysis of society, health and demographic data, researchers have made predictions on the future of dating.

The report said: “By 2025 battling over your profile on dating sites could become obsolete, with a combination of genetic matching and Artificial Intelligence predicting sexual chemistry and compatibility between singles.”

Genes are known to play a key role in determining sexual attraction. In particular, major his to compatibility complex (MHC) genes, which regulate our immune systems, are thought to unconsciously influence mate choice. By analyzing MHC gene codes, researchers suggest that online dating platforms could predict whether users who are attracted to each other online will still be attracted to each other in person.

The report added: “While gene-code matching might take three to five years, the data and initial model is starting to take shape. As a result, by 2025 many matches could be made in labs.”

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Disclaimer: This News is take from “Time of India” Newspaper published on 30th Nov. 2018.

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