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Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

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Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Now a day many people suffer from various health diseases. Diabetes is one of these conditions in which the blood sugar levels are high. Every person in the world should be worried about their own high blood sugar levels not only the diabetic patient because it can cause damage to your organs, blood vessels, and nervous system or other more serious health problems. You should know that some other foods can cause raise your blood sugar levels, not just cakes, sugary stuff, candies, and sodas.

Most Common Causes Of High Blood Sugar Levels:
First, you should know that you can experience the blood sugar level too high symptoms and one of the big reasons why people suffer from high blood sugar is because they are not aware of the seriousness of it. These are the most common factors that can raise blood sugar levels:
Certain medications
Certain health problems
Unhealthy diet
Lack of physical exercise

First, you should know that high blood sugar does not mean you are diabetic; it is just a symptom of diabetes. To keep your body healthy, and your blood sugar levels down, keep an eye on the following most commonly experienced symptoms of high blood sugar.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms:

Constantly Thirsty: 
The most common sign of the high blood sugar is constant thirst. Polyuria is the main reason why high blood sugar causes you to be thirsty; it is a condition where the body urinates more than usual or abnormally large amounts of urine each time you urinate. The cause of it is your high blood sugar level that your kidneys cannot keep up. So they produce more urine to get rid of the excess glucose they cannot absorb. This causes you to become dehydrated.

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Blurry Vision: 
Blurry Vision is one of the high blood sugar symptoms because it can cause the lenses of your eyes to swell. Swollen lenses cause your vision to become blurry. Although in most cases blurry vision is just temporary, you should talk to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Dry Skin: 
One of the blood sugar levels too high symptoms is dry skin. High blood sugar levels can cause the body to lose fluids and responsible for the damaged nervous system. If this process continues the skin becomes dehydrated for years.
Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

when it comes to getting an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse men rely on proper blood flow. But high blood sugar disrupts that blood flow and can cause impotence. So impotence is also the symptom of high blood sugar.

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Weight Gain: 
weight gain is the major issue now a day and it is also one of the signs of high blood sugar.  In the case of high blood sugar cells no longer respond to insulin or you are insulin resistant. It is extremely difficult for insulin-resistant cells to take glucose from your blood. Because of this, your blood sugar levels begin to build up over time and you gain weight.

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

The other symptoms of high blood sugar are;
1. Dry mouth
2. Dry and itchy skin
3. Always being hungry
4. Daily fatigue
5. Difficulty concentrating
6. Recurrent infections
7. Slow healing of cuts and wounds
8. Stomach problems

What To Do If Your Blood Sugar Is High:

If you are suffering one of these signs of high blood sugar, you should consult your doctor and check your sugar level. Don’t stress too much, do regular exercises and eat a healthy diet.

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