Monday, October 30, 2017

Beware! Do You Know, Your Microwave Is Causing Diseases?

Beware! Do You Know, Your Microwave Is Causing Diseases?

Beware! Do You Know, Your Microwave Is Causing Diseases?

Microwave is the most common implement in kitchens today, use to cook and re-heat food. Boiling milk, cooking fast foods, popcorn, cakes, Maggie are all foods, which we cook in the microwave ovens. It is very helpful to save precious time while cooking.

But between these benefits from microwave, there all harmful affects too. The radiations released by microwave exhaust the nutrients in the food and also harmful for our health.
According to a study conducted by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, heating food in the microwave exhausts it of its nutritious qualities. The high radiation with which it heats the food distorts the shape of molecules in food, thereby producing harmful radioactive compounds.

How do microwave ovens work?
When you want to heat the food, you just press the ‘start’ button and wait for 1-2 minutes. It heats your food from last night.
Wait! Do you ever thought, how it could be possible?
Now let's see what actually happens in the oven. Tiny, energetic waves start moving through the inside oven, after pushing ‘start’ button. These tiny and energetic waves release electromagnetic radiation. The waves vibrate rapidly, at about 2,500 megahertz (2.5 gigahertz) a minute. That's about the same frequency as your cell phone.

Beware! Do You Know, Your Microwave Is Causing Diseases?

What all can microwave ovens cause?
Study proves, it can weaken your immune system and may lead to birth imperfections. Regular use of microwave can increase in the chances of cancer and reduces your resistance to viral infections.
According to the study conducted by Hans, microwaving food leads to food degeneration. It can also lead to raised blood sugar levels in certain people.

How To Safely Use Your Microwaves
Because of harmful effects, it does not mean you shouldn’t use it. Definitely you can use this innovation but with safety tips. Though using a microwave can be a healthful, easy way to cook but be sure that it is in a good condition and you must use only a microwave-safe container.

Here are a few safety measures by researchers that you should take.
1. You shouldn’t use microwave to heat food for newborn or children.
2. Agitate food thoroughly while you heat in oven and never microwave longer than the recommended time.
3. Use it to cook vegetables rather than heating processed meats and snacks.
4. Always test the temperature of the breast milk if at all heated in microwave oven. Ideally, avoid heating it in the microwave.

5 Avoid using microwave for heating/cooking liquid food or water. 

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