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Amazing Random Facts About Sleep That You Love To Know

Amazing Random Facts About Sleep

That You Love To Know

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Amazing Random Facts About Sleep  That You Love To Know

1. It’s no wonder there are so many prevalent myths about sleep.

2. Research on sleep began only in the middle of the 20th century.

3. The REM or the Rapid Eye Movement sleep was first discovered in 1950’s.

4. It was in the late fifties that research about sleep started in the right earnest.

5. Sleep evoked very little scientific interest because it was thought to be a passive process.

6. Sleep is not a passive activity but is a process characterized by complex, regular and cyclic pattern each night. There are various haemostatic processes which happen during sleep.

7. The endocrine glands, which pours its secretion directly into the blood, increases the secretion of growth hormones and prolactin, which is vital for the functioning of our immune system.

8. The REM sleep is the period when we dream and can be easily discerned by the rapid movements of our eyeballs.

9. REM sleep or dreaming is crucial and is a process by which long-term memories are consolidated, and neural connections are built.

10. Among mammals, only man can delay his sleep.

11. All mammals and birds experience REM sleep.

12. Sleep disruption is a common problem in high altitudes, greater the altitude, more the sleep disturbance. Most people take some time to adjust to the new altitude.

13. Studies have revealed that widowed, divorced or separated people have problems in sleeping.

14. Sleeping pills are the most prescribed drugs in the world, and according to a study, 10% of US population has been prescribed a sleeping pill for sleep disorders in 2010.

15. The report also indicts the hypnotic medications like temazepam and zolpidem, to increased risks of death and cancer.

16. An average adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep per day. However, there is exception and persons can function well even after six hours of sleep

17. Sleep is critical just like diet and exercise and a report by International Classifications of Sleep Disorders said that shift workers are at greatest risk to suffer from cardiovascular and intestinal diseases.

18. Newborn babies sleep 14 to 17 hours and stay awake irregularly from one to three hours.

19. Margaret Thatcher, the iron lady and former Prime Minister of UK remarked in an interview that she needed just 4 hours of sleep to function effectively.

20. Cold blooded animals like reptiles do not have REM sleep.

21. A person who has been born blind will have only auditory dreams.

22. Loud and chronic snoring could be an indication of something serious and an even life-threatening condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea.

23. It leads to the body being starved of Oxygen and could precipitate hypertension and even a heart attack.

24. In the US watching TV is the most popular pre-sleep activity, and the, the gleaming light and steady background noise serves as an aid to help a mind fall asleep.

25. Research, however, points to the opposite. Watching TV before falling asleep causes many physiological problems. The blue light emitted by the TV screen makes our body stop producing melatonin which makes us feel alerted and awake.

26. Alcohol serves as a natural sedative and it is believed that a glass of wine before bed will help get a good night sleep. However as the alcohol is metabolized in the body sleep becomes lighter, and the chances of wakefulness increase.

27. It is a myth that older people do not need to sleep as much as young people. Elders do have problems in falling asleep but this is due to their frail medical condition, alteration in their circadian rhythm and hence they spend less time sleeping.

28. Daytime naps are often regarded as a sign of laziness. However, studies have proved that pilots who took a 25-minute nap worked more efficiently than those who worked without rest.

29. Teenagers are often seen as lazy and hate leaving bed early. Blame it on a disorder known as delayed sleep phase disorder. During puberty, there is a 2 to 3 hours delay in the circadian rhythm. A teenager, therefore, needs 9 to 10 hours sleep as opposed to 7 to 8 hours which are enough for an adult.

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